Cioccolato all'Infinito

Dato l'innalzarsi delle temperature, le spedizioni si effettueranno dal lunedì al mercoledì.

Carrè & Rondò 16 pcs 160g

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A line of hand-made pralines, individually coated and finished; with flavours that are at once traditional and innovative. The very light chocolate coating immediately makes room for the warm embrace of the filling.



Pralines ingredientsInside (65%), Cover (30%) and Decor (0.5%).milk chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, cocoa paste. Emulsifier: soy lecithine, natural vanilla flavour. Min Cocoa 36%Dark chocolate: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. Emulsifier: soy lecithine. Natural vanilla flavour. Min Cocoa 61%Blonde chocolate:cocoa butter, sugar, whole powdered milk,low-fat powdered milk, whey of milk, butter, emulsifier: soy lecithine, natural vanilla abstract. Cocoa min. 32%.White chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, emulsifier: soy lecithine, natural vanilla flavour. Cocoa min 31.3%Cremino: Piemont IGP hazelnuts 41%, cane sugar, cocoa butter.SESAME- Cover: milk chocolate; Inside: milk chocolate, sesame paste (22%),Piemont hazelnuts IGP paste (toasted Piemont IGP hazelnuts);Décor: dark sesame.GIANDUIA AND GRUE- Cover: milk chocolate, Inside: cremino, grue of cocoa (9%), powder cocoa, cocoa mass Ecuador (2%) ; Décor: cocoa grue.CARAMEL- Cover:blonde chocolat; Inside: milk and caramel chocolate(sugar, cocoa butter,caramel (milk, whey of milk, sugar, butter, flavours) whole powdered milk, cocoa beans,emulsifier:soy lecithine.Cocoa min.36%),cremino, salt butter caramel grains(sugar, glucose syrup, whole powdered milk, Isigny cream A.O.P., salted butter Isigny A.O.P.(3.6%), Guerande salt (1.2%), emulsifier; rape lecithine) ,butter; Décor: dark chocolate.CINNAMON- Cover: dark chocolate; Inside: white chocolate with Muscovado sugar (cocoa butter, whole powdered milk, cane Muscovado sugar, red sugar, emulsifier; soy lecithine, vanilla), cremino, butter, cinnamon in powder (5%), Décor: E175.ORANGE- Cover: dark chocolate; Inside:cremino, white chocolate, candied orange (orange candied peel cut in four slices fresh,glucose syrup,sugar), butter, essential orange oil; Décor: E555, E171, E172, E122.pistachios AND CRISP WAFER- Cover: dark chocolate; Inside: white chocolate, pistachios paste (pistachios from Sicily)(27%), butter, crisp wafer (wheat flour, sugar, butter 15%,low-fat powdered milk,food coloring: caramel (glucose syrup,sugar, water) salt, barley malt abstract, emulsifier: soy lecithine, leavening agent: sodium acid carbonate)), salt. Décor: Toasted pistachio from Sicily.

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