An extraordinary talent in creating handmade chocolate products.

Giraudi selects the world’s best cocoa, processing them with the highest quality ingredients, thus obtaining an excellent chocolate.

The work team is composed of highly specialized workers in the production of early materials and in producing small chocolate masterpieces.


Cioccolatini Giraudi

cioccloateria artigiana

Which chocolate

Selected ingredients and fine cocoa

We always start with selected ingredients, fine cocoa which already express all their aromatic components, Piedmont hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios and Apulian almonds. Then the experience guides us in creating the combinations of ingredients and flavors from which we obtain the most suitable results.


Raw materials

Only Piedmont hazelnuts.

The Piedmont hazelnut owns features which no other hazelnut possesses: a delicate fragrance which releases at low roasting temperatures, without stressing the product.

We buy hazelnuts directly in the countryside from sellers who deal with the shelling process and then we follow the roasting, the crushing and the refining processes in our company in order to produce the main part of our recipes. By tasting a hazelnut, we immediately know which final product we are going to obtain.

nocciole piemonte

Production’s features

Quality products, 100% natural

Giraudi has embraced the philosophy of wellness and health, offering products with simple and clear labels.

The benefit of flavonoids, antioxidants present in cocoa, is known. Obviously these fats have to be replaced with others which allow to obtain a product with a stable and pleasant structure for the consumer. Spreadable creams are an example: sunflower oil is the only fat present and does not alter the taste and the aroma of hazelnuts and cocoa.

All the processes concerning Piedmont I.G.P. hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios and Apulian almonds, necessary to make Giraudi products, are made in our company, starting from the roasting, cleaning and refining process of dried fruit.

As far as cocoa is concerned, Giraudi has selected its own masses from the best European producers who guarantee a very high quality standard, always following a careful control by the company of Castellazzo Bormida.